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Here’s some examples of our latest publicly available work.

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Company Secretary and Board support services

Varied, including Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Energy Innovation Co-operative; Merri-bek Affordable Housing.

Board governance, leadership and administrative support.

Influence Global provides Company Secretary duties, governance advice and other Board administrative support to a range of emerging to established organisations.

The work is tailored to the specific needs of the varied organisations - including Not-for Profit Companies (limited by Guarantee), Incorporated Associations and Non-trading Co-operatives - to provide pragmatic, fit-for-purpose support in meeting relevant compliance requirements.

A grey tile with a red banner at the bottom. At the bottom the text has the Take on Board logo and tagline "Podcast with Helga Svendsen" and a photo of Helga in black and white. Int eh grey body there is a photo of Red and the title of the podcast "Episode 200: Red Dearnley - Red Dearnly on breaking the binary in the boardroom, intersectional inclusion and gender equity".

Breaking down the binary in the boardroom

Take on Board

Podcast interview.

Listen to Red (Influence Global's Managing Director and Principal Consultant) chat with Helga Svendsen on the Take on Board podcast about breaking binaries in the boardroom.

The conversation covers intersectional governance and leadership and trans and gender diverse inclusion in gender equity. It includes practical tips on where to start increasing participation and inclusion in boards and workplaces.

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Activation Plan for Bembit Bag-rook


Business development; Strategy and planning.

Bembit Bag-rook is a new community facility in Tarneit North, Victoria (Bunurong Land). As the managing agency, child and family services provider bestchance, engaged Influence Global to develop an Activation Plan for the site. The purpose was to ensure that Bembit Bag-rook:

  • Delivered evidence-based integrated early years and family services in order to meet the community’s support needs
  • Was sustainably funded within the first year of operations.
A page with multiple organisations logo under the text: Submission to the Review of Australia's Modern Slavery Act 2018

Submission to the Review of Australia's Modern Slavery Act: Be Slavery Free

Be Slavery Free

Policy and advocacy.

Influence Global was engaged by Be Slavery Free to coordinate the national coalition's submission to the Australian Government's review of its Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Read the final submission here.

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Workplace culture, behaviour and complaints


Governance; Leadership; People and culture.

Forensicare engages Influence Global to provide a range of guidance and support related to people, culture and workplace policies and procedures. This has recently included:

Complaints procedure: A review of all relevant policies and refinement in an easy to understand process and guidance document to support staff in giving informal feedback and making formal complaints.

Workplace behaviour 'one-stop-shop': Development of a resource that would communicate required workplace behaviours to its 1000+ staff, in line with its code of conduct and policies related to bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and victimisation policies. The outcome of this was a place where staff could go to access the information they need - and an internal communications plan to support its dissemination and uptake.

Front cover of the report. An aeria view of a wind farm. Title in white writing: Shining a Light on the SDGs: An Australian Business Approach

Practical and engaging business-facing publications on human rights, environment and corporate accountability

UN Global Compact Network Australia

Strategic communications.

Influence Global provides ongoing strategic and structural editing and proof-reading for UN Global Compact Network Australia (UNGCNA) publications.

This strategic approach to content editing commonly includes a holistic review of the whole document and its intended purpose, to restructure the information into the most accessible and appropriate format for the audience. This may mean shifting paragraph and chapter structure, as well as format.

A teal tile with yellow page turner corner. RACP Logo in the centre - A yellow outline with a crest inside with an emu and kiwi. The words underneath read: The Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Policy and Advocacy Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Monitoring and evaluation; Policy and advocacy. Strategy and planning.

Influence Global researched, designed and developed a practical Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) that could be applied across its policy and advocacy work.

This process included:

  • A thorough literature review on contemporary monitoring and evaluation techniques for policy and advocacy work.
  • Extensive consultation with the RACP team, its Fellows and Executive Committee for policy and advocacy.
  • Proposing an evaluation approach that combined qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, was practical to the organisation's capacity, and built skills and capacity for monitoring and evaluation over time.
  • Developed data collection tools and timelines and guidance for implementation.
  • Piloted the use of the tools with the policy and advocacy team.

Our tools and methodologies

Our bespoke methodologies and tools are distilled from over two decades of hands-on experience working with and for the social change sector.

Whilst there is no one size fits all approach to what your organisation will do, these tools give you the evidence-based structure you need for success.

Purple tile with folded back corner showing a multicoloured pattern. Text in blue says: Board templates.

Free board templates

To support your board administration and governance.

Accessible and adaptable administrative tools and templates are a simple way to improve board effectiveness and efficiency. We produce a range of customised tools for clients - but often, an 'off the shelf' template is all you'll need!

That's why we're sharing our favourites.

  • This Board Calendar will help you plan, stay focused and ensure all your governance duties are considered.
  • This Action Register template is easy to read, helps you prioritise tasks and keeps a historical record of all your achievements.

Need advice on your board templates and administration support? Book a free 30-minute discussion and advisory consultation and we will share further resources.

Yellow tile with folded back corner showing a multicoloured pattern. Text in blue says: The IOIOI Framework

IOIOI Framework

Inputs. Outputs. Influence. Outcomes. Impact.

The IOIOI Framework articulates what you need to know, measure and monitor when delivering any strategy or campaign designed to influence social change.

The IOIOI Framework sets a structure against which to plan and strategise, develop theories of change, develop performance targets, monitor and evaluate, and report progress.

Teal tile with a multicoloured pattern corner. Text in blue says: Influencer Engagement Matrix.

Influencer Engagement Matrix

Monitoring the influence of your advocacy and stakeholder engagement work.

The Influencer Engagement Matrix is a monitoring and evaluation tool that assesses progress in influencing the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of key target audiences. It means you can track progress towards your end goal, even if that goal (say, a policy change) is still a long way off. It uses ‘science’ (process, data) to support the ‘art’ of advocacy and influencer engagement.

Here's an example of what it looks like – but of course, it needs to be customised to the individual’s you are targeting. We’ve also developed assessment and reporting templates for reviewing your progress.

An orange tile with multi-coloured corner. Blue writing says: Values-Action Gap Analysis.

Values-Action Gap Analysis

How to increase your supporter engagement.

The Values-Action Gap is the difference between someone who cares about your cause and someone who is a sustained, ongoing support.

This model identifies all the critical requirements that you need to transition your public supporters into ongoing, active advocates. It articulates eight intersecting requirements for sustained engagement and helps teams to identify and address any gaps in their supporter engagement plans.

A blue tile with cream writing saying Mindful Influence

Mindful Influence

Micro-meditation and mindfulness for the workplace.

Meditation and mindfulness practice is a proven way improve clarity, focus and productivity, as well as help relieve stress and improve mental health.

The Mindful Influence Framework is a scalable, modern approach that uses continuous learning methodologies and equips participants with the skills to guide their own practice.

It is theoretical grounding for a fully flexible workplace program. It can be applied as a semi-structured course or drop-in sessions as part of workforce wellbeing initiatives, or as one-off team building exercises, integrated into all-staff days, leadership training, planning days, and the like.

The Framework covers diverse topics including:

  • Micro meditations and mindfulness techniques for workplace settings
  • Refocusing attention and managing multiple priorities
  • Techniques to reset, re-energise and refocus
  • Meditating with thoughts, emotions, sounds, distractions, movement
  • Options for incorporating more traditional spiritual meditations, if desired by participants (but the course is secular and includes no spiritual teachings)

Using interpersonal discussion and reflection, the Mindful Influence approach helps participants understand and manage their own behaviours, as well as identify times and ways to bring meditation and mindfulness into their working routine, to avoid stress and burnout.

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