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Our social investment

Our Social Investment

We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. This applies to what we do and how we do it.

That is why we are committed to supporting organisations and individuals who are overcoming social and environmental injustice.

Giving back

Each year, we donate at least five per cent of our income to social change charities and community organisations (in addition to paying the rent).

Investing in social change

We are growing the Influence Global Impact Fund – a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation. This will allow a more sustainable approach to our philanthropic giving in years to come.

The Influence Global Impact Fund is an extension of our purpose and values. We donate a proportion of our profits each year to the fund — and encourage our partners to contribute too — so we can help remarkable, purpose-driven organisations achieve their social change goals efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in providing the support that not-for-profits most desperately need that often is not funded through grant making, such as governance, operations and administrative costs - as well as support to improve organisational monitoring, evaluation and efficiency improvements. Contribute to the fund today.

Paying the rent

We pay one per cent of our income in rent each year.

Pay the Rent is an opportunity for non-Indigenous people who don’t want to wait for governments to commit to justice and restitution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. One hundred percent of the rent paid goes to Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Towards net zero

We support net-zero emissions targets and have an ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

To reduce our carbon emissions, we:

  • Limit all unnecessary travel, especially air travel, in favour of using digital conferencing technologies.
  • Only use e-communications and actively encourage clients to move away from paper-based communications materials.
  • Are working towards a fully sustainable office environment, including solar energy in green buildings. Currently we use green energy, with Amber Electric and tank water.
  • Carbon offset. (We know that carbon offsetting is not the answer to the climate crisis - in fact, it is a last resort. However, by carbon offsetting whilst we make other more significant changes, we can support the work of environmental response and advocacy organisations).
  • Exclusively use Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees!

Pro-bono support

As a small, part-time organisation that solely focuses on the for-purpose sector, we have limited resources to provide pro bono support. However, we do what we can! We select one pro-bono or low-bono partner a year.

Our current pro-bono and low-bono partners are Palestine Australia Relief and Action Foundation and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

If you would like to discuss pro-bono or low-bono support for your organisation, please contact us.

Welcome here

We are proud to be a member of the Welcome Here Project - where LGBTIQA+ diversity is celebrated. Visible, welcomed LGBTIQA+ communities mean safer communities. We are a queer-owned business and intersectional inclusion is at the heart of all we do. Partnering with the Welcome Here Project is one way in which we increase our transparency and hold our selves accountable.

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